LIVE Points

LIVE Points Benefits
What are LIVE Points?
With LIVE Points, every ticket and purchase can bring you closer to the next event. Earn points for Payment Plan purchases and referrals, then use points toward future event tickets or towards rewards like upgrades, exclusive VIP offers, and many more perks provided by Tixpire!
How to earn LIVE Points?
With LIVE Points, you do more than go to events. You live every moment to its fullest. Click the "Rewards" button on the bottom left of the page, sign up, and get points anytime you purchase a Payment Plan, event tickets, or when you refer a friend to any of Tixpire’s Services. Then turn them into your next event or reward!
How to use LIVE Points?
After signing up with Tixpire LIVE Points you will receive points based on the amount of money you’ve spent on tickets or Payment Plans, or how many referrals you've sent! When you’ve reached enough points to receive upgrades or free tix, we’ll send you a text or email right away! And since points never expire, there’s no stopping your ability to attend more events!