What is Tixpire?

Tixpire is the only company that allows you to purchase tix to events, up to the day of the event, and pay for up to 4 months after you've attended! Tixpire allows users to purchase tix to ANY event, including music festivals, conferences, sports, comedy, online courses, and so much more. View our events HERE. If you don't see your event, fill out our EVENT REQUEST FORM and we will create a listing for you!

What can I put on a payment plan?

As a customer, you can purchase tix to ANY type of event on a payment plan. This includes music festivals, concerts, comedy events, sporting events, travel events from our partners, and even special events like skydiving and some certifications. Just read the next bullet to see how!

How do I buy tix?

Simply go to the events page, click on the event you want to attend, and checkout! If you don’t see the event you want simply fill out the request form HERE or on our front page.

How do I know my tix are secure?

Before you make any payments, you will be prompted to acknowledge our legal disclosures. These disclosures protect us as well as you. We value you as a customer, so read through them and  contact us  if you have questions.

What happens if I miss a payment?

If a payment is missed, you will be sent a follow-up email to update any payment methods you have on file. Late fees begin to accrue after every 7 days your payment has not been made.

If you feel like you might miss a payment for any reason contact us.

How many payments do my tix get broken down into?

Payments are either once monthly, or twice monthly for 4 installments. Pay for up to four months!

What kind of tix can I buy?

We only purchase tix from legitimate sites. There are certain event-related costs we can’t put on payment plans, but we’re happy to answer any questions you have if you’re unsure. Simply email us. NOTE: Tixpire will not purchase tix from any illegitimate ticketing or resale website to reduce risk to both Tixpire and on you as our valued customer.

Do you put other things on payment plans?

Tixpire currently only puts event tix on payment plans. If you have questions about an event send us an email! 

How do my tix get delivered to me?

All tix will be delivered to you within 48 hours of the event in order to ensure a stress-free entry process to the event.

For events that are more than one installment away, tix will be mailed, transferred, or e-mailed upon verification of that installment’s successful payment – again, within 48 hours of the event.

Where are you located?

Our HQ is in the city of Austin, right in the heart of Texas.

How can I get a hold of you?

Feel free to contact us any time at (512)846-3971 or email us at contact@tixpire.com 

I need to update my payment info; how can I do that?

Payment info can be updated in the payment portal. DO NOT email anyone your updated payment info. If you need assistance, please email us HERE and we’ll direct you to the appropriate portal to securely update your information.

I need to change my shipping address; how can I do that?

Your shipping address can be updated via email. Simply email us HERE and we’ll make sure your tix get to the right address!

What are the extra costs of buying tix through Tixpire?

Tixpire takes the total of all taxes and fees from the merchant and adds a 10% processing fee for credit card processing and software services. There are many ways to reduce that, such as becoming a member of our exclusive LIVE VIP community and being a return customer in good standing.