About us

What is Tixpire?
Tixpire is a financial technology company that allows users to purchase tickets to ANY event on a Payment Plan. View our events HERE. If you don't see your event, fill out our EVENT REQUEST FORM and we will create a listing for you! Tixpire Offers a Go Now, Pay Later Option, as well as  Pay Before You Go Option. Click HERE for more information on both.


What all does Tixpire put on Payment Plans?
As a customer, you can put ANY event ticket to ANY type of event on a Payment Plan. This includes music festivals, concerts, comedy events, sporting events, travel events from our partners, and even special events like skydiving and some certifications. Just read the next bullet to see how!

How do I buy tickets?
Here's our HOW TO Page  - Fill out the form on our EVENTS tickets page and we will make sure you get the tickets you want.
Visit our FAQs page for more info